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Italian Bomboniera Feb 2010

ITALY- FEBURARY 1, 2010-Check us out in the February issue of "Italian Bomboniera" magazine which is printed in Italy. They featured an article on us titled "WeddingOlala, Las Vegas, le originali torte bomboniera". The translated version is below:

"When we talk about weddings in Las Vegas, our mind goes to cheap and quick ceremonies, with no space for bombonniers. Actually, weddings in the States are burdened of traditions as much as European ones. In Las Vegas, WeddingOlala follows the bombonnier traditions. "Our bombonniers follow the ancient tradition of giving the guests a slice of wedding cake to put on the night table in order to dream their future groom or bride - tells us the owner Fanny Chen -. We want to bring on this tradition, obviously in an innovative way. But our aim is still to make weddings something to remember, for the guests too". There are cakes for all seasons and all ceremonies, births and baptisms, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's day and all other occasions. Slices are cardboard mini bags with 5 confections inside. But the customer can also choose to make the cakes on his own, buying the material and putting inside the bags whatever he likes, as chocolate candy or a charm.

On there are several videos explaining how to proceed in the assembling, and it does not seem so hard. "In the US, what we call diy (do-it-yourself) wedding favors are establishing. The dedication the brides put in confectioning the bombonniers by themselves is like a very personal way to thank the guests for sharing a so special day. Never forgetting that the expense is kept low, and this factor is gaining importance". The company also makes a wide range of tiny boxes that can be put on heart-shaped or flower-shaped displays: chic, amusing, romantic, colorful and for all tastes. "The winter color is purple in all shades, from violet to plum - says Fanny Chen -. Also, blue, green, white and fuchsia. It continues to be fundamental leaving space to customization, for example adding bows or writing the names of the grooms and the date of the ceremony". Among the most popular cakes stands the "beach" one, obviously in blue, with real shells, and the "garden" one, perfect for weddings celebrated outdoor, very common in the US."


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