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Saving You Money for Your Special Day

In these tough economic times, we are all looking for ways to cut the costs of parties. Whether it is a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday, or a Quinceanera or Sweet 16, the expenses can pile up. You want to show those being honored how much you care for them and they deserve a memorable experience. Our favor cakes combined with a real cake topper is an economical and beautiful way to celebrate any occasion.

Wedding Cakes: The wedding cake is an important part of the nuptial celebration. However, five tiers of elaborate decoration and raspberry filling can become a huge expense. Place a single tier real cake atop one of our favor cakes to give the look of a mulit-tiered wedding cake. You will have a beautiful display for the cake table and cake cutting ceremony. Cut into the real cake during the ceremony and have sheet cakes in the kitchen cut and ready to be served. Your guests will never know that their piece of cake came from a less expensive, undecorated sheet cake.

Party Cakes: Your favor cake can be anything you want it to be! If it is your birthday, place your cake atop the favor cake and make a wish as you blow out the candles! Guests can take their party favors as the cake is sliced and handed out for enjoyment.

Anniversary Cakes: Saving the top tier of the wedding cake is a longstanding tradition. Eating the top tier of the wedding cake on the first anniversary is said to bring good luck to the marriage for years to come.

Our favor cakes are a great way to celebrate an anniversary. Place your cake atop one of our favor cakes to recreate the magic of your wedding day. Whether celebrating one year or fifty years of marriage, it is certainly an accomplishment worthy of remembrance.

Centerpiece Cakes: Choosing the cake as the centerpiece for your event will set the tone for your party. Everyone loves to see what the cake looks like! Birthdays, weddings, or Quinceaneras are a great places to let the cake take center stage. Matched to your colors and theme, our favor cakes make beautiful displays with a real cake topper. Your cake will draw a crown when paired with our individual favor boxes.

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